Prepare for Stress is a real time training program to reduce stress in your real life…Please do not use the app without the 10 Day training program or you may just make stress worse!


Download and print the Training Program – – this is your personal workbook. (12.99)

Download the FREE  APP – this is your homework and daily practice of what you learn.

Download the FREE PODCAST –  this is the friendly therapy/ coach/ trainer, Dr. Denning, taking you through each section so you listen and practice and learn.

Now you have what you need to learn “How To” resolve stress by engaging in experiential learning and experimental behavior.

ABOUT THE TRAINING PROGRAM:  The training isn’t about tracking stress, but learning a resolution process so that you can resolve it as it happens. With training in the everyday resolution of stress, you will be prepared when the bigger anxiety or fear occurs.The program taps into the natural process if experiential learning that your brain is using, so you might as well join in.

THE CHECK-IN APP: This little alert system on your phone along with the program worksheets will help you step into stress in real time at all levels to discover ways to lower stress. The app is to develop practice for what you are learning in the program – not a stand alone solution. No one sees the data except you… we do not collect data and the app is engineered to be self-contained.

DIRECTIONS:   Part 1 Biology set up for real-life training:

1.Download and print the program

2. Download the app for Daily Check ins

Read an complete Part 1, Biology and Personal Stress Scale in the workbook page and set alarms on your phone for the app as directed in the program beginning 30 min. after you wake up and every 4-5 hours until you go to bed. On the menu bars “See my progress” will show you graphs of your daily/weekly stress patterns.

PART 2. LEARN TO STEP INTO EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING-  BIOGRAPHY.  Your ongoing personal biography is made up of experience. Experience is processed through biology of the brain and creates a biography of meaning. This 24/7 system is the cause and the effect of your emotions and social behavior and creates the possibility of stress by hormonal levels rising.

Part 3.CREATE  COMPLETE COMMUNICATION (with yourself) Change Behavior by using self- knowledge to experiment with new self-directions.

Part 4. PRACTICE RESOLVING STRESS AND ANXIETY – With ongoing practice you will begin to develop changes based on choices in real time on real life.

BACKGROUND: The past 12 years of affective neuroscience is the basis of the Prepare for Stress program method due to the discovery of the mechanics of the social/emotional brain (limbic system) and the understanding of circadian rhythms. Your personal stress scale and biography are the key to learning to resolve stress.

WHO WE ARE: There are real people behind Prepare for Stress! The Training Program and the app couldn’t happen without many people… the public and patients and everyone involved. We are a for profit business and use that to give away the program to as many places we can find from Police academies, Universities, LGBT community, Hospitals and more. We also donate the program to people with chronic stress illnesses or those who cannot afford the $12.99 fee. We work through many organizations. In this year we are making the program available to all small police departments in America through the IACP, International Association of Chiefs of Police.  By purchasing the 10 Day Training program you are creating a chance to make real changes in the amount of stress you and others experience every day.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – This product is intended for people who are impacted by daily or chronic stress and anxiety. Disclaimer: The information in this product is for personal educational purposes only. It is not intended for use in the diagnoses of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, treatment or prevention of disease, except when recommended or assigned by a medical professional. It is not intended to provide medical advice or medical care and should not replace discussions with your healthcare professional.

PRIVACY POLICY All data entered into the training program PDF will be automatically deleted when you close the program. Please print out the worksheets and do these by hand. All data stored on the app is self-contained and does not get stored in a third party location. The creators and developers of this product do not collect or store user information unless you have volunteered and signed a consent form for a research project. For research participants, data is collected, aggregated and de-identified (not personally identifiable) to help us improve, develop, evaluate and continue products, services, materials and programs related to our products and specific conditions.


USE THE BLOG as a guide and coach along with the PODCAST.

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