Hello, I am Sara Denning, PhD, the Founder of Prepareforstress and the 10 Day Training programs. This method of lowering stress was was created and developed from my never-ending curiosity about humans and many years of working with people at all levels of stress from terrible diagnoses, September 11th and difficult life changes. I continue to be still fascinated with behavior and emotions, and biology.

Humans who have inspired me: Dr Bruce McEwen, at The Rockefeller University and Dr. Linda Mayes, at the Yale Child Study Center. Many have helped along the way with research and development of the final version: Katie a great administrator, Daisy, Keren, Megan, Catherine, wonderful neuro-scientists, psychologists and biologists, Bahkti, Matt, Andrew, Ruby great social workers and public health professionals, Swann, Maxim, Lu Han, Sidney, Alana, Yuko as energetic interns and many more. I hope that this process of reducing the impact of stress in your life – instead of trying to eliminate it – is  a positive addition to your life.

REAL LIFE:  You can see me talking about this process and how it was developed on YouTube. Over seven years of work looks easy when it all comes together: Prepare for Stress Channel

GUESTS: Other bloggers will make an appearance to describe ways they deal with stress from illness – Prepare for Stress Immune – or due to professional exposure – Prepare for Stress Ext.

YOU: Tell us your story – The marketing campaign for Prepare for Stress includes humans telling way they have stress and that they have the program in their lives: I am Johan, I have 2 jobs, 3 kids, I’m a part time student and I have Stress but.. I  have Prepare for Stress.  You can also start a group to support the use of Prepare for Stress in local ways. Contact us to tell us how you want to use the program,

GIVING:  Our marketing campaign is based on giving the program free of charge to millions of people who have a great need for it. In 2018 we are giving it to all small police agencies in America – these have under 50 officers and are the front line of stress and anxiety for many social issues.  We are also giving  the program to kids with Asthma who live in many inner city areas beginning with New York City.