Hello, I am Sara Denning. The blog and podcasts are available to help you through a very wonderful and difficult process of changing the way you experience the stress in your life.

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I hope you find it helpful in any way that makes your daily life easier. It took seven years  and many skilled people from neuroscience, epidemiology, public health, psychology, medicine and great interns to create and develop what seems to be a simple program to lower stress.

Go to Prepareforstress.com to purchase the training program ($12.99).

Don’t be fooled by simplicity – just like with meditation and yoga, practice is the real thing. Nothing teaches humans like experience!!!

Whether you are working to lower Daily and Weekly stress or a chronic stress related illness, this blog will help coach you through the basic training for each.

REAL TIME: Much of the behavior around stress and anxiety develops though experiential learning, so that is how you actually work- in the experience as it happens. You can only do this with a clear process of how to step into stress at lower levels to predict the higher ones.

ACTIVE AWARENESS: The training program will teach you how to turn the awareness of stress into actionable tools to change behavior. Awareness is NOT Enough. Let the experimentation begin!

The app has a link to the blog on the main menu so you can:

Look up a coaching tip for each subject in the program.

See examples of how to use the worksheets and app.

Get more of the Science behind stress reduction.

Read guest bloggers who will describe their own examples.

Find links to organizations and local workshops and groups.

Your job is to get to know what drives stress and anxiety as it is happening and how to interrupt the reactions so you can create a productive use of the experience instead of becoming overwhelmed, afraid or angry, having pain, shutting down or jumping out of your skin!

HEALTH – If you are using the program because your doctor has recommended it, you can use the training program to learn how to predict symptoms before the get worse. This program is a NOT medical or psychological treatment and should not be used as substitution for either of these. By using the program if you discover that stress is taking the form of physical pain or lack of control at high levels, please seek help from a professional.

We Love Feedback – Every Friday we meet to make improvements so THANK YOU in advance for your suggestions.

Go to Prepareforstress.com to purchase the training program ($12.99). See Who We Are to see how we operate and where the how our profits are used.