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The first part of the program has shown how larger intense stress can develop from smaller everyday frustrations.  You have seen how your own personal pattern goes from your average level to a higher level. This usually happens rapidly from level 5 when your normal reactions to stress do not resolve it.

The illustration of the person on the stairway shows how we just keep going with the way we usually react, never stopping to question what and why to get a real answer.

Its time to create a new recipe for reactoins. Now that you can stop – because you can feel the early warning signals better, you can find what your brain has picked up on and know why it causes your reaction.

MAIN IDEA: YOU ARE REACTING TO SOMETHING and your brain is doing a good job of keeping stress on the radar system as a warning signal until you resolve the problem.

Remember the brain is relating the current cue to a past experience and is trying to make sense of what is happening so that you know how to react. Everyone adapts to levels of daily stress and gets used to the feelings until it is TOO MUCH.  Levels 6 sense of being Overwhelmed because you are!

You should read through the example and fill in with your most recent experience of stress.  Read the example..  Everything begins with noticing the stress cues = STOP/WAIT, What is going on with me? Start with your body and put in key words; tired, hungry, cold, fidgeting. Go to your emotional state; Unhappy, resentful, amused, eager.  Next, put in behaviors; sarcastic, over eating, laughing, playful.

This is the time to gather the inventory that makes up  the many varieties of levels of stress.  You can begin to undo the pattern of reacting and start to resolve stress sooner.

EXAMPLE:  Ivan is working with the real emotions he has about his brother.   He has to stop the old reaction process and simplify it into a statement of realty that he repeats in order to become accustomed to it-this is the HOLDING TOOL:

I feel confused and sad.   Now, he can use the emotion to hold the emotion and know why he feels it.  Ivan was the one in the family who took care of his brother even before his parents died. He is fine with that responsibility but his younger brother is an adult with a lot of problems and is not easily influenced anymore.

When you can recognize the real experience of your body, emotions, behaviors, social relationships and thoughts, you will be able to create tools for more Complete Communication with yourself. This will make it possible to find out:  What do I feel, what do I want for me, what do I need and what different things could I try to resolve the stress?

Other tools get added on top of this basic self knowledge.   Only with this in place can you decide when is best to do something – NOW OR NOT NOW and what would be GOOD ENOUGH.

CHECK IN EXPERIMENT:  Use your STOP/ WAIT – add in the statement, I am reacting to something.

I am reacting to something- How do I feel should I try to do something now or not?

I am reacting to something – What do I want for myself– what would be good enough?




YOUR HEALTH CARE VISIT – read examples in the medical category of the main blog page that relates to you.

If you have had a medical diagnosis, go to your follow up appointment. Discuss how you are doing with your stress scale.

You can discuss what you are experiencing at the higher and middle levels of stress.

If you are feeling  greater sensitivity to stress as you are working with the program discuss any temporary wasy of relieveing stress including medication.


You can use medication  as needed to stay out of the hugher levels on the stress scale while you work on building the middle and lower levels.

Discuss with you healthcare practitioner which medications would be best for you especially if you are taking any other medications.

Be sure that you describe any new physical symptoms or feel that you are using something to deny or cover up any problems.

The stress scale is an essential tool to increase awareness – but awareness is NOT ENOUGH without self knowledge which will then become self direction. The second part of the Prepare program will take you into very personal history so you can discover when and where you learned your reactions to stress. It is an exciting and difficult area to work with.

You will be taking charge of your stress at all levels and uncovering how it all makes sense with the past experiences you have had.



Complete Communication with yourself is a daily practice…

Know your history.  If you want to spend more time with PART II, make copies of the outlines for Day Day 6-7 – 8. These deserve some extra time and more details. Look for the main theme running through each of these.  You have adapted to the stresses of specific repeated experiences.

Some people like to talk to their friend or family about past experiences at this time in the program.  These discussions can add to your current self knowledge.

Create self-reference in daily experiences. These become physical resources in your brain and the hormone Cortisol may be lower next time you are experiencing a level 5 – 6 -7.

Follow up with a HEALTHCARE visit here if you this program was recommended by a medical professional.

PLEASE, PLEASE, fill in the product evaluation – we need your honest comments. We are writing Prepare for Stress II so you can continue using the tools you have developed – And we can continue coaching you as you find you style encounter stress.

MORE    Coming soon…

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