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Day 1  and 2 are a full out education in Biology- The Experience of your physical self!

Life is wonderful without stress… Your body is comfortable and flexible, behaviors are productive and self-directed, thoughts are relevant and emotions feel light and natural at levels 0 – 2.

All we want when we experience anxiety is to know that we can resolve it. You have started to use this program because you are  “in stress mode” too often, which means that your body is also reacting to levels of hormones sent out by your brain to try to cope with stress. Stimulant hormones are fun up to level 4.

You may have experienced unresolved stress for so long that you are adapted to coping in certain ways with specific behaviors.  You may not even know what your stress is about most of the time, let alone what to do to resolve it.   You are simply used to.

Finding a way to feel more in charge would help. Stress is linked to very individual experiences of meaning.

We humans are physical, biological, social-emotional beings so our sensitivity to and awareness of our body, behavior, emotions and thoughts is critical to our well being. The brain is an experience- driven, embodied mechanism. Wonderful research from the past twelve years shows that we are self-referencing in feedback loops especially in the Limbic system and brain stem.

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As a child, teen and adult your brain is collecting experience of ‘me’ every day. Just like your body grows in size, so does your brain. Physical growth happens up to age 21 and the brain continues to change even after this. Just like your skin forming freckles or a scar, your brain is reacting and changing according to the environment.

Even small stresses – the positive kind – have a physical response – that tingle of excitement down your spine when you are getting ready for a party or, hear your favorite song, the small increase in appetite when you finish exercise.

When stress is intense every day you adapt to it with coping behavior so you don’t feel it as much and you may try to avoid, hide, or distract yourself from a natural response.

Stress over time on a daily basis can make you sick and includes long-term symptoms… you may have one of these stress-related illnesses or you want to prevent one.

The BRAIN – is an amazing thing and much more versatile than ever imagined.

The many years of neuroscience behind this program provide   an answer to the question – How do you live with stress – why does experience affect all the systems in your body?   The answer is NEUROPLASTICITY.  Your brain is changing as you experience small amounts of stress so stepping into current stress experiences will put you much more in charge of the outcome!

You have started to learn to interrupt the process of going up the stress scale to anxiety, fear and sometimes the shut down or depression that can result from chronic-stress over time.

EXPERIMENT:    The app:  Each day of the program is a 24 hour experiment so that you can experience firsthand the power of interrupting your own stress cue.

For the rest of the day when you feel small irritations, a little worry, or mild frustration and the need to do something about it, just put a mental STOP/WAIT sign up and find the  physical marker and behaviors of stress which will be a new useful signal to use again and again.

STOP/ WAIT – I’m eating more than I want to…. am I hungry?

STOP/ WAIT – what am feeling emotionally?  unhappy, frustrated?

STOP/ WAIT – What am I doing?  I am repeatedly searching online – am I numbing out something, or am I looking for something specific?

You are already the expert on your own stress – just ask the questions.

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