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Stress is personal and quirky – You have different reactions than I do but the stress scale is designed to match the hormonal mix at each level and your very individual reactions.   It is happening anyway so you might as well become the expert on yourself and step in to work with it.

Check ins are the way to do this so that you can get actively involved in dealing with what is happening.


Morning:  Level 4  You have bitten a fingernail, eaten six  big cookies, decided not to go to the gym,  get on line for 3 hours to surf for a new job.

Mid Day: Level 5 and then go for lunch with people you really like, stay too long and drink too much and sleep most of the afternoon,.

Afternoon: level 6.  You have called/ texted/ messaged too many people, decided to call it quits with whatever you really thought you wanted in life.  Cortisol levels have risen and if you continue this patterns you could end up with a panic attack or a few days of constant worry or even depression.

Before Bed: level 7  At this point fear and anger begin, add in resentment, feeling like you wasted the day, failure, guilt and it can add up fast. But these emotions can create clarity if you get serious with the check quiet,

STOP/ WAIT and ACCEPT that you are having a bad time.  I am angry, afraid, anxious and feel bad….Now you can shift to  WHY?

At this point forget Biography and jump to the question, What do I need to do for myself?

You can do the biography tomorrow. It is the end of this really bad day. Over!

GET PHYSICAL.   WHAT CAN I TRY.. make the list…hot shower, bath, music, favorite movie or book, herbal tea, wash face, brush teeth… take care of me.  Worry, stress, fear Not Now, tomorrow.

At higher levels shift into physical responses and stimulant hormones will come down.






Identifying  Biology on the Stress Scale

Hunger hormone signal – Fidgeting behavior- level 4

Behavioral decision based on  lack of motivation and energy level 5

Proactive behavior will result in good enough resolution to get you down from – level 5

If you get confused, exhausted or overwhelmed welcome to level 6. Please STOP?WAIT get physical and go for practical simple solutions like drinking water, stretching, water on your face, going to sleep, eating something normal for protein,

STOP WAIT AT LEVEL 4 – use the app – track and find out what is behind the behavior!

figure_drawing012 Ver B by WA steeper NUMBERS flat

At least I can track this and put in a stop sign

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