If an officer knows they need extra practice at the firing range, they are expected to go and hone their skills, the department can help them, but cannot make them a better shot, that is something the individual must be able to achieve on their own.  If an officer knows they are burying their stress through negative coping mechanisms such as alcohol abuse, gambling, and other self-destructive behaviors, they need to first realize there is an issue with how they are reacting to whatever stress they are experiencing, and then do something to correct their reactions.

The Prepare for Stress Ext program is an excellent source of preventative maintenance for our mental and emotional health.  Police organizations should be pro-active in addressing officer wellness issues well before certain categories are checked off by an algorithm.  However, this responsibility should not lie exclusively with an organization.  Police officers and other first responders must also have personal accountability and monitor their own wellness and resiliency.

The Prepare for Stress Ext application is a tool that agencies can provide to help their staff, but like the firearms proficiency example, it is up to the individual to use the tools provided to improve and thrive.  Prepare for Stress Ext makes that personal commitment easier due to its readily-available documents online and phone application.


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