Congratulations-  You made it to Day 8! This program is not an easy quick fix. You still need practice- take charge of a daily check in routine.


CHECK IN: In the menu look at “See My Progress”. Look at the past 7 days of training.   What are your high stress times of day. Why does this make sense?  Your practice can now include setting life long regulations. Many studies show that regulation of Sleep, Food, and Movement are a major part of resilience.

EXAMPLES:  Katherine is a Nurse Practitioner who has terrible neck pain and a high stress schedule. She sees patients for 12 hours some days and her schedule can vary by hours and days. On top of that her supervisor is leaving and she is taking over that job!  Currently, most of her stress is in the morning and around meetings with her supervisor. She feels good with patients and gets “on a roll” as the day goes on. The theme is No time,” which she thought was because she lives with a husband and 2 teens but really comes from 10 years ago in nursing school.

8:30 am  Level 4  Not enough sleep, Anticipation of  never-ending day, muscle tension,  self- doubts.

11:45 am –  Level 6 Big surge of Cortisol – lunch with the supervisor, ate too fast, uneasy in my role as manager, bad indigestion.

4:30 pm-  Level 4, No time to stop, 4 hours to go.

9:30 pm Level  4 – No time for myself, no gym, read/study, no bath, bed.

EXPERIMENT:  Katherine can start to practice the GOOD ENOUGH part of the check in.

She started with last night:


9:30 pm Level  1 – good music, sing in the car, 20 min. walk, with husband, read/study, hot tea, soak feet, Bed by 10:30.

8:30 am  Level 1  slept! Shower, eat banana. Tea not coffee.

11:45 am –  Level 3  No lunch with the supervisor, eat later. Set up real meeting.

4:30 pm-  Level 4,  – Pass kitchen, Stop – drink water  – Pass window stretch, look at sky.

GOOD ENOUGH is a mantra and a new theme for the day  – everyday.

Good Enough for now…

Good Enough to start…

Good Enough because I don’t like this….

and  a million more.  PRACTICE.