The GOOD ENOUGH evaluation of daily practices continues as you add-on the practical and obvious needs to lower stress by providing sleep, good food and some kind of exercise for yourself. But – this term applies to more than these essential factors of health.

By this point in the training you should be become more sensitive to stress at the lower levels , 2 -3- 4.  This means stepping into the current experience to resolve stress by considering the usefulness of the reaction in the current context you are in.  So keep practice immediate and simple so that you have plenty of energy for bigger issues.

The relationship you have with your self is going to continue for the rest of your life!

What I want and need that is good enough for now may be small and local:

Many people find that drinking water, a snack, 5 min with eyes closed a nail clipper in a pocket will help soothe their little behaviors of frustration.

MAKE YOUR LIST NOW:  An extra set of keys to the car, the house, a copy of a passport in the suitcase, cash, pair of gloves, nail clipper, good snacks, water bottle on desk…

Your brain is engineered to resolve stress if at all possible by doing whatever you can to get through the experience.  Good Enough is a tool to use to resolve the smaller stresses now.

The bigger issues of financial concerns, changes in jobs, school, relationships, sex, loyalty, faith are also resolved through the same approach but take more time to put through the process: Why does this make sense with your biography? What do I want for myself?   Because I want that… what do I need, what can I try, Now/ Not Now, When? And then go for GOOD ENOUGH as a beginning to lower stress so it doesn’t become anxiety.

If there were ONE MAIN IDEA of the whole program it would be that you can resolve most stress when you know that you have knowledge of WHY it is a trigger for you… ” Of course I feel this way…” HOLD your reality and use it to stay grounded in the practical resolutions that are available.

Daily practice is the way to put all the tools to work. Stress is there every day of your life. Please, don’t just track your higher levels of stress…Remember to find a level Zero somewhere each day.

CHECK IN EXPERIMENT:  Today –  Pick a little worry at Level 3 and find a small way to resolve it and lower stress.

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