What does the neuroscience of stress have to do with me?

I’m just being me… and my brain is along for the ride!!!

figure_drawing004 brain with text FLAT

Your brain is doing its job all the time to be on alert for signals – like an air traffic controller at a busy airport…small signals which indicate incoming experiences that might be stressful.   These might be frustration, extra responsibility or even experiences that make you feel happy or delighted.

So this alert system is a very important part of the processing of experiencing ” being me”.

The basic recipe that the brain uses is in context of where you are physically:

What is going on here in the environment? First biology registers: hot, crowded,  standing up, feeling full, sleep????

What does it mean? A Social/ Emotional response starts here: We are all in this place together as friends, workers, strangers, survivors????

What does it mean about me?  A personal physical and biographically based response starts here: I’m the one who loves a party and has fun and drinks too much, I am the one who doesn’t want to be noticed, I’m the one who everyone depends on…

What do I do with it? All the potential instincts, behaviors  and decisions about action (behavioral response) gets created: I’m the one who tells jokes, needs to leave, wants to talk to them more….


A very visceral biological /behavioral response: Anger, sadness, exhaustion, get sick, jump in…

Better to check in with your brain to get in on the recipe:


Use the app every 4 -5 hours- answer the questions and find some relief.