REAL LIFE – The first step is to accept that your physical state and emotions play a large role in the way you live with current stress every day. These will not be going away/.

STRESS SCALE – Takes less than 1 minute – these key words are already in your brain and are the way to create new responses.  The brain is the body as one amazingly integrative system which is full of useful information.

Stop Wait Guy

What do I feel?

The physical check should be quick with words you know from experience: Cold fingers, empty stomach, tense shoulders…

Now, add in behavioral aspects;  in a rush, slow, not ready,

Add emotional elements:  unhappy, worried, ready to roll, confused, etc…

Morning – rushed, cold, cranky, slow, picky, tired

Mid Day – unsettled, cramped neck, confused

Late Afternoon-  energized, happy, revved up, loose

Before Bed – relaxed, happy, cozy, warm, satisfied

This total of 4 minutes a day is amazingly simple – unless you have no time… too busy, got to finish, haven’t started, not good enough, too stressed.  All feelings you could capture and make use of!

MAKE TIME TO STEP INTO STRESS  – so you can find you way out.